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In Nu: Of Flowers and Supernovae

The “In Nu: Of Flowers and Supernovae” project bridges the wonders and poetics of flowers and supernovae into a project that reflects the fuzzy boundaries between the arts and the sciences. Visitors to this completely virtual exhibition can click into the exhibition using their mobile devices and turn the Rolex Center at the EPFL into a site of three-dimensional fields of exotic flowers and vegetation, or experience dizzying galaxies of orbiting internet ephemera. Created as a musical overture to the exhibition, visitors can click on animated figures of performers in motion and listen to a wide range of variations without ever hearing the theme.



Meet The Music - Curious Minds + Guests - The project “Meet the Music” gives living composers a unique opportunity to create and present their work. The project takes a step forward by offering composers something more than a just stage; it offers them a new way to come in contact with music lovers. This is accomplished by making collection of short music works (variations on a common theme) available by placing them into virtual space using Augmented Reality techniques. Here, semi silhouette images of the composers or performers are spread out in public space using GPS coordinates to place then. Using a mobile phone and a downloadable applications, each of the silhouette images can be seen through a the mobile device when at the geographic location where one of the silhouettes has been placed. Clicking on the image triggers an animation and the music begins to play.

DoseWill Pappenheimer and Virta-Flaneurazine – Dose is an invisible hallucinatory experience perceived through the users mobile device. Originally developed through the artist pharmaceutical, Virta-Flaneurazine, the psychic journey lasts for about 15 minutes before it reaches a completely enclosed ephemeral space. The optimal experience is initiated by licking the large white pill shape on a mobile device that appears when the QR code is scanned from within the LAYAR application.

Biomer Skelters - Pappenheimer & Thiel – Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris aliquet sem sed dolor convallis, non vestibulum urna pharetra. Sed accumsan purus odio, sit amet auctor dui dictum vitae. Duis rhoncus orci id magna aliquet vestibulum. Donec rutrum rutrum nisl, vitae aliquam est auctor ac. Nulla facilisi. Pellentesque diam elit, pretium vitae rutrum ac, commodo id nisl. Curabitur sollicitudin vitae enim sed interdum. Nullam accumsan faucibus auctor. Maecenas vitae pulvinar turpis, id sollicitudin tellus. Proin tristique tortor ut diam fermentum molestie. Proin vel libero et magna iaculis cursus. Donec laoreet sit amet lorem id laoreet. Nam massa lectus, scelerisque id lobortis.

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