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The Crystal CoffinLily & Honglei – The augmentation is inspired by the crystal coffin displayed in Mausoleum of Mao Zedong on Tiananmen Square since 1977, a year after Mao’s death. In the twenty first century, while China has been transforming itself into a modern society in many ways and gaining more influences economically and politically around the globe, Mao’s crystal coffin, the immortal-looking shell, remains exist as a symbol of authoritarian ruling system. During spring 2011, a crackdown on dissent – including detaining many intellectuals and members of religious group – followed by distinct signs of revival of Maoist policies, has left people baffled about the future direction of China. We therefore use Crystal Coffin of Mao as main body of the virtual China Pavilion topped with a tower and roof with ancient Chinese looking, as regulated by Ministry of Construction of China: architectural ‘designs must reflect traditional Chinese building styles’.

Pause Lalie Pascual - PAUSE is an augmented reality art intervention suggesting a ludic (and sometimes nostalgic) interface to explore past and present elements from our cultural, technological and ecological worlds. Made of a series of short virtual animations it will invite the public to board on a journey in time. For example, in Lausanne, visitors could ride an augmented horse across the old city, hop between augmented river pebbles along the filled-up Flon river, or join a 19th-century-like augmented promenade in Ouchy. The visitors experiences will be unique. The interventions themselves will be made of urban and landscape images seen in the city of Lausanne (e.g. Le Grand Pont, Flon, lake, mountain and forest view) as a way to further blur off the virtual with the real, the past with the present, and stimulate public thinking about possibilities of new beginnings.

Water Lily InvasionTamiko Thiel  – As global water levels and temperatures rise, plants and animals mutate to adapt. Strange new creatures arise at the interstices between plant and animal, transgressing the boundaries between reactive flora and active fauna. In 2013, one such form – an invasion of strangely reactive water lilies – was observed on the Star Ferries route in Hong Kong. In 2014 the water lily invasion reached Europe – in the Rhein River at Basel, Switzerland. Scientists hypothesize that they feed off energy dissipated by ferry boats, the human cargo and their electronic devices. Sensitive to the mediated human gaze, a small, innocuous water lily can enlarge to engulf viewers who focus it in the display of their mobile app. Until now viewers have reported feeling no effects other than a temporary fibrillation. Scientists worry however that future mutations could cross boundaries between insentient plant and sentient, perhaps even carnivorous life forms.

Halo ARWill Pappenheimer and Zachary Brady - Halo is a Skywrite AR project to be for DAW Virtuale Switzerland. The mobile App, Skywrite AR, creates sky written drawings and messages in virtual airplane trails for the visions, thoughts and concerns of citizens as creative artists and thinkers. Normally out of the financial reach for the general public, this grand scale image now becomes available for the casual artist, contemplative poet, the instant messenger or the protester addressing the need for political change. .Halo invites participants anywhere to trace a drawing into a canvas on their cell phone or mobile tablet. With the click of a button the work is transferred by virtual airplane to ephemeral vapor lines hundreds of feet above Lugano. Skywrite AR images are up to a kilometer wide and can be seen by others from up to 5 km away. The participant’s drawings hover above the city and mountains until the next person draws a new work, which then replaces the center image. The previous drawing is then moved to a giant outer ring composed of former participants’ works.

Dante’s InfernoMark Skwarek -The people of Switzerland’s Lugano may now experience the descent to hell in Mark Skwarek’s augmented reality vision of Dante’s Inferno. They will see their soul’s journey as it descends, lower and lower, into the rings of hell. And it all happens at the Piazza Dante. Viewers who travel  will descend into an AR abyss of the medieval vision of sin, punishment and the afterlife. These values will test the user. The augmented reality vision of Dante’s inferno will be a freely downloadable app for the public with wifi and a smartphone.

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